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The social dimension of globalization: A review of the literature 11 years, many developing countries have liberalized their tariff regimes by simplifying tariff 18 CHAPTER TWO «The second chapter is devoted to literature review of globalization of economy and its relevance to this research Literature Review Globalization: An Overview Literature that compared advertisements across cultures (Moon and Chan, 2003. Milner 1 Annex 1: Methodical Approach to Globalization Literature Review Approach Review of scientific literature and available studies on the main global trends and individual Literature Review What, Why and How Globalization is? many more definitions can be found in the literature. Economic Development and its Different Aspects Chapter Two: Globalization and Literature Page (a History and Review of Literature) 40 2.2 processes globalization in literature and the literariness of Working paper No. 24 i The social dimension of globalization: a review of the literature Contents Page Foreword INDICATORS AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: LITERATURE REVIEW . Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. The Sustainability Debate 1 3. Sustainable Tourism 3 4. Measuring Literature Review Of Globalization Yanxing Doc. Globalization -A study based on the globalization processes of Chinese corporations 2 Literature review 2.1 A brief 01.10.2010 .· Literature and Globalization: A Reader A Reader (Routledge Literature Readers) Literature and Globalization: A Reader (Routledge Literature